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Hello. I'm Osita Nwanevu, a contributing editor at The New Republic and a columnist at The Guardian. You can also find my work at The New Yorker, Slate, and Harper's Magazine. I'm writing a book on American democracy called The Right of the People, and I publish a newsletter you can subscribe to here.


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Is It Joever?

Biden speaking adjacent to a podium and in front of a large American flag at a rally.
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On Gaza, Part II

Marchers in Washington carrying Palestinian flags, late in the afternoon.
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Goodbye, 2023.

Hey all. It’s been a terribly long year for me and perhaps for most of us, and I can’t say it’s ending very well. But I’ve been heartened throughout by wonderful writing ⁠— I really do feel better about the profession today than when I started seven

Hand holding a sparkler in the night.