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Hello. I'm Osita Nwanevu, a contributing editor at The New Republic and a columnist at The Guardian. You can also find my work at The New Yorker, Slate, and Harper's Magazine. I'm writing a book on American democracy called The Right of the People, and I publish a newsletter you can subscribe to here.


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How Badly Should The Left Feel About People Feeling Badly About The Economy?

Hey all. Let's hop to it. Recent Work I wrote about Tim Scott's failed campaign for The New York Times: Mr. Scott spent much of his campaign making hard-right appeals in a vain effort to wrest a portion of his party’s base from Donald Trump. For social conservatives, he

BIden at a lectern surrounded by signage on Bidenomics.
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On Gaza, Part I

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators marching in Washington DC with a Palestinian flag held aloft.
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The Good Intentions Paving Company

Bill Clinton smiling, hand raised in a cheering fist, at a 1992 campaign rally.